SNAKE dances can be done with as many as 100+ people or with as little as two. The head leads the rest of the body. Dancers follow the leader loosely as they navigate throughout the room. It's important to tell everyone not to “run” and to be very careful when encountering others. There can be several SNAKES dancing simultaneously.

For large groups you can set up your SNAKES on the Partnering Grid (see above). This grid has dancing positions along two sides of the room which already creates 2 SNAKES. You can further divide it into smaller groupings by using different colors on your spots. For example you could have 6 yellow spot and 6 green spots on one side, and six blue and 6 red ones on the other side. Just make sure you indicate where the “Head” of each SNAKE is.

You can create new combinations of players by calling a “MIX-UP.” When all players have found new places and the games starts anew.

Switch & Scoot SNAKES

The optimal size for a dancing SNAKE is 4 People. And there is a great way to make sure everyone gets to be in the lead. At the Call “SWITCH & SCOOT” all 4 dancers turn 180 degrees. The Tail is now the Head. To finish the movement, the person who was last in the lead (now the Tail) moves one position forward. This will put a new person into the lead next time a SWITCH is called. Take a look at how you can explain and practice this movement with the demonstration clip on the right.