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A Group Dancing Game is Exercise disguised as Play – Circular

www.muve.com • This dance was created at a MUVE workshop for Girlfest 2010 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The dancers have lined up in a circle. One spot is marked on the ground as the "Muse" spot. The basic principle behind the MUVE dancing games (MDG) is, people inspiring each other by creating dance moves on the fly. The lead dancer is called the Muse. In this MUVEdance, the role of Muse is shared by all dancers. As they rotate clockwise another player gets to lead the improvised group dance. The Muse demonstrates her/his moves while the others follow loosely. As you follow, you are encouraged to explore your own spin on the moves presented by the "Muse." There is never a need to be perfectly in sync because we don't care about how it looks to the bystander, but only how it feels to the dancers. MUVE is not a performance, even though it can be presented to an audience. What makes it a MUVEdance, is the fact that it stays free from pre-engineered movements that call for mental concentration and perfection. MUVE is to be a fun activity for the reason of physical and mental enjoyment. And anyone can do this joyful dance. You are having fun playing together, and before you know it you actually got a workout done.These moves are great dance exercises for elderly people, middle-aged people, teenagers, school and little kids. Everyone can MUVE at their own pace. Check out the MUVE Video Blog https://muve.org/blog/ and dance along for free any time of the day! Song: Faster Kill Pussycat, by Paul Oakenfold