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Spontaneous Dance Along Game Workout for Teens, School Students, Older Adults or Party Guests

MDG • Bajo Un Mismo Sol - Winners' Camp teens in their first "All Triangles MUVE." This is a dancing game set up where every person in the game gets to rotate into the center spot to lead the whole group! Again the grid on the floor is made up of Triangles. After all players in the center triangle have rotated to the "MUSE" Spot (leading spot) the 3 people of each Triangle move to the next Triangle on the grid and a new group of 3 dancers take over the center Triangle and the "lead" for the whole group. Dancing along is always loose and spontaneous. The MUVERS pick up the basic dancing idea from the MUSE and make it their own by interpreting the dancing in their very personal style. I play this dance game towards the end of the workshop when the kids have gotten used to the basic ideas of inspiring each other. They have already led each other in the more "private" independent triangles set up, where they were just leading each other in groups of 3. Now the whole group is watching, and it can bring up some insecurities for the novice, who is now put before the eyes of everyone to procure a creative idea. Simple dance moves are the answer! MUVE dancing games are dancing workouts for people of all ages. You can easily set up this easy dance workout with your groups of seniors, your party guests or your school class. For info on the Winners Camp for Teens on Oahu Hawaii please contact: Hawaii Leadership Academy. Life Skills Training for Teenagers, Personal & Academic Success at www.WinnersCamp.com • success@winnerscamp.com