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Dance Activity Game for School, Party or any Get-Together – Spontaneous Dancing Fun for all Ages

(Get Lucky) At this summer's Winners Camp workshop we discovered a new MUVE Dancing Game (MDG) that is super easy to set up - actually can be played without any markings, but still works more smoothly on the Partner Grid. The name of the game is the "Tight-Rope-Slide". In this game, partners lead each other in dance, sliding as a pair (like on a tandem bicycle) from one side of the room to the other and back. Whenever the two dancers come to the "end of the rope" they turn 180 degrees and start moving to the opposite direction. The dancer in the front is providing the movement ideas until the turn, when the second dancer takes over the lead. To make it more fun we can throw in a "MIX-UP," that's when we break our partnerships and find a new partner to do the Tight-Rope-Slide again.