10 Principles Method

Dance Exercise for Students and Teens – Spontaneous Dancing – Partnering Game

(Crazy Rap) This is one of the easiest games to set up and play. In this game teens create a dance with a partner, inspiring each other as they dance freely around the whole room. When the Caller calls a "MIX-UP" the connection is broken and all players find a new spot on the side-lines and see who the next partner will be. At the Call "PAIR UP" the new pairings connect at the center line and the dance continues. NOTE: "MIX-UPS" take time, especially for large groups. Make sure players know to help each other find the empty spots fast, so the dance can continue without delay. To avoid confusion on leadership, after each MIX-UP the Caller can designate one side to be the Muses (dance-leaders) for the next section. SET-UP: In preparation of this game, markers are placed on the long side-lines of the room. Spaced in about 3 feet intervals, each spot has a corresponding mate on the opposing side. When all players occupying a spot the Caller signals "PAIR-UP" and each pair meets at the center line. Encourage players to dance freely around the entire room and not get stuck at the center-line