10 Principles Method

Dance Exercise for Teenagers – Creativity, Teamwork and Leadership Skills Training for Teens

(1, 2 Step) There are colored markers on the ground. Each group of 4 spots has a different color and one of them has a "double-spot" which we call "Snake-eyes." If you land on this spot you will be the first "head" and start leading your team in a SNAKE-Dance (conga-line) until the Caller calls for a "SWITCH & SCOOT." Now all dancers turn 180 degrees, the last member becomes the new leader (SWITCH) and, in an additional movement the old leader now scoots up by one position (SCOOT). This double action moves every player of the team into the leading position. Take a look. These participants have never MUVEed before and some can feel their shyness being challenged. MUVE dance exercises are great party activities for teenagers and adults alike. This spontaneous dancing game is super fun and easy for groups from 3 to 300. Just mark the spots and have a microphone for explaining the rules.