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Dance workout videos, simple exercise routine for kids & grown-ups

MUVE Dance-along Show 12/30/2010 abridged. 3 children dance exercise to the Family MUVE, one of the MUVE dance workout dvds available at www.muve.com. MUVE videos are simple dance routines anyone can dance along with, no matter your shape, age or size. Little Allen discovered MUVE at the age of 2 in 2009. He loves to MUVE and is especially fond of being the lead dancer (Muse.) Maggie shows his progress with a more recent video from September 2010, where he is leading a group of dancers of all ages on stage and in the audience. Then we see Maggie and Allen on the Hawaii News Now Morning Show, introducing anchors Dan Cooke and Steve Uyehara to a MUVE dancing game. Both turn out to be great sports. They invite the home audience to join in with the freestyle dance moves. Especially during the holidays, dancing workouts can help counterbalance the heavy eating. The simple dance moves of the MUVE dance exercise videos can help staying motivated to exercise at home. Joyful dance also is stress relieving. To inspire your whole family to dance for better health, you can download the instructions to the spontaneous MUVE Dancing Games (MDG) for free from the muve.com website. MDGs can be used as disco party games or to animate group dancing at weddings and other parties.