10 Principles Method

Dancing with Everyone – Mix-ups Create Social Connections for Students

(Thriller) Independent Triangles with Break-outs and Mix-ups. This is a great example of how you can "mix-up" your students to play with peers they might not otherwise seek out. This highlights the social aspect of the spontaneous MUVE dancing games. With MUVE, exercise in school takes the form of dance games for kids. It's easy and fun dance exercise your students will love! Students inspire each other with ideas for dance movements. Teams of three students dance on triangles marked on the ground. One position is specially marked as the "Muse-spot". Whoever lands on this marker is the lead dancer (teaches leadership skills) for the other two dancers in the team. When the Caller calls a "Break-out" all dancers freestyle around the room until the next call "Mix-up" lets everyone find a new spot in a new triangle with new partners.