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Easy Belly Dance – Beginner Dance Moves with Shadiya

MUVE-along Show 07/11/11 (abridged). Today's guest Shadiya teaches Middle Eastern Dance in Honolulu. She is showing us some basic moves to dance along at home. Shadiya's alluring grace and charismatic artistry capture the essence of authentic Middle Eastern Dance, transporting audiences to the sights and sounds of the mystical Orient. Dedicated to the instruction, presentation and promotion of authentic Egyptian-style and North African dance, Shadiya is skilled in a variety of styles such as Saidi Folk dancing from Southern Egypt; the Ghawazee dance of the Banat Maazin from Luxor, Egypt; the ancient tribal dance of Algeria's Ouled Nail, as well as the contemporary cabaret solos of modern Cairo. For eight years Shadiya was the principal dancer for the Near Eastern Dance Company of California, founded in 1982 by Alexandria of Berkeley, California. 
In 2001 Shadiya began teaching and performing, establishing her first perfomance troupe, The Near Eastern Dance Company of Hawaii. Shadiya has also served as the 2004 and 2010 president of the Middle Eastern Dance Artists of Hawaii (MEDAH), a non-profit organization established to educate, entertain, and promote awareness and appreciation for the art of Arabic dance.