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Dance Exercise School Activity – Banana-Phone – Spontaneous Dance Along

A class of 3rd graders play the improvised dancing game "Follow the 3 Muses in the Center." It's all new to the students, so Maggie helps out by supplying ideas to get the two Co-Muses going. All other student follow along. They rotate within their own Triangle any time the Center Triangle rotates. These low impact dance exercises help students improve physical skills as well as offering opportunity for creative explorations in improvisational dance. MUVE Dancing Games also help children develop social skills, as they lead and follow each other and work on common tasks together in ever changing combinations of dancing teams. This is the first opportunity for the more outgoing student to try on the role of a MUSE and dance for their peers in a leading role. Some kids are immediately intrigued by this, others are shy and need a bit of time to warm up to the idea of being the center of attention.