10 Principles Method

Funky Shake up Dance for the Office – Clear your Mind with Easy Dance Moves

(Spy Dudes) Office MUVE Dance-Along for quick stress buster for mind and body. Be more productive after loosening your bones in an easy, improvised dance exercise workout with Maggie and Rachel. Today Rachel and Maggie take turns creating improvised dance movements inspired by the "BODYPARTS" (MUVE Concept Cue Cards.) When we dance MUVE we give our individual bodyparts our undivided attention and move it in any possible way. We stretch and bend, or reach and pull - all just the way we like it. There is nothing to remember - just go with the flow and allow yourself to enjoy the movements with your body and mind. As always, we follow only "loosely." Because the moves are being created on the fly, there is no way to closely replicate them - so don't even try to be precise.