10 Principles Method

Happy MUVE Dancing Party Game invigorates adults and children alike

There are many MUVE dancing games you can use to ignite a fun group activity at any party. Wether you are looking to inspire your own kids and their fiends at a birthday party, or want to inspire your church group to get to know each other on a playful level MUVE has got a game for you. The game above is called "independent TRIANGLES" and can be played in it's basic form without markings. Here is how to do it: Ask your guests to form teams of 3. Then let them decide who will be the first dance leader for their team. Let the leaders raise their hands and declare that the "spots" where they stand are now called the "Leader-Spots" (Muse-spot.) Then demonstrate the "Huli Huli" rotation principle with one of the Triangle-team. "Huli Huli" means: Everybody moves one position clockwise. Now we have a new leader in the Triangle. Have everyone practice the Huli Huli rotation without music first. I find it very helpful to place a sticker at the Leader spots. I makes it very obvious who are the Muses (leaders) at all times.