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HOUSE dancing with hip hop teacher Lyanne – MUVE quick and easy dance workout at home

LIVE MUVE Show 04/11/11. Where do the young people dance these days? The most likely spot is the club. This morning Lyanne teaches us one of the most popular club dances called House dancing. House is an urban style dance, more up-beat than Hip Hop she explains, and likely to have more elaborate melodies. She shows us several basic House moves. Maggie and the TV audience follow along to the hip dance steps. MUVE dance is always improvised. It's a fun way to dance exercise for kids, teenagers, adults and even seniors. We want to show you very simple moves you can use on any dance floor, at home or at any party or cub. You won't even notice that you are doing cardio exercises. To see more dance instruction videos check out https://muve.org/blog/ Lyanne teaches HIP HOP and House classes for children and adults in Honolulu, Hawaii. Find her info at www.housingproject360.com The MUVE Along Dance Exercise Show airs in Honolulu, Hawaii every Monday at 8 AM on Television Channel OC16 and is streaming live on the internet at www.oc16.tv. Each week Maggie brings new guests to inspire the audience to join in for some easy cardio exercises in their living room.