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Huli Huli Chicken-Family MUVE

This dance along video was made for the Family MUVE DVD, one of the dance workout dvds available at www.muve.com. MUVE cardio workout videos can energize the whole family with easy to follow dances, appropriate for any age and literally any body. A MUVE DVD features a set of workouts varying in length, speed and intensity. There is a teaching section, explaining the Basic MUVE Method and how to make your movements just right for you. MUVE low impact dance workout dvds help you get moving for better health and happiness. Aerobics exercises don't have to be high impact to be effective. Children as young a 3 or 93 have fun dancing along with the colorful crew of everyday dancers. Each dance features another set of dancers keeping it fresh and exciting. The original music from Hawaii and the Pacific adds a special bonus. You will exercise to the music of John Cruz, Sean Na'auao, Sister Robi, Te Vaka, Don Tiki and more. This particular song is by Willie K. and Eric Gilliom and it is a favorite here in the islands, where we like to eat Huli Huli Chicken. Huli-Huli means turn. Huli-Huli Chicken is Hawaii's own version of barbecued chicken with a special Huli-Huli Sauce. If you ever come to Hawaii make sure to have some ;-)

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    where can i buy this dvd