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TV and Computer Audiences get Physical Activity with LIVE Dance-along Show in Hawaii

LIVE MUVE Show 06/27/11 (abridged/5:53min). The MUVE-along Show invites you to enjoy physical activity and loosen up at home or at work right now, right here with Tiny Tadani, Maggie and today's guest Safiya Om. Safiya is a Performing Artist, incorporating Acting, Singing & Dancing. She's here with us to share her joy of dancing. She'll be doing a dance form which she calls Infinite Dance, a Universal fusion of energetic expression. Inspired by Polynesian, Oriental, African, Indian and Native dances, a spiritual and global fusion which goes beyond cult-ures encouraging self-empowerment, interconnected independence and Joy.~ ~We'll be doing a warm-up to "Belove" and "Let Me Show You" from The Dum Dum Project. Then we'll be dancing to "Infinite" and "Drunk Off Kombucha" from theLuminaries new c.d. And we'll be ending with "Mr. Brown" by Zap Mama.~