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Learn "Tinikling" Filipino Folk Dance, simple Basic Steps with Gabe and Josh

At today's MUVE-Along Show Guests Gabe Torno and Josh Javier teach us the basic steps of the Pilipino dance "Tinikling" with 2 long Bamboo Sticks, usually held and animated by 2 people while the dancer/s jump in and out between the bamboo sticks. The dancers symbolize Tinikling Birds, and the "clapping" symbolizes the farmers trying to catch the birds. Because of the limited space in the studio Gabe and Josh have brought short sticks - but you can learn the steps even without any prop. There is a section in this show, where Gabe and Josh show us their You Tube videos featuring full size bamboo tinkling clapping and a full program of choreographed performances. You can reach Gabe and Josh through their website www.tekniqlingz.com.

2 Responses to “Learn "Tinikling" Filipino Folk Dance, simple Basic Steps with Gabe and Josh”

  1. jennifer welch says:

    Hi Maggie Muve and Rachel! I showed some 8th graders this show and some of them danced. Many of them were interested and pleased to see something related to their culture. Thank you

    • admin admin says:

      Yay! Thank you so much for sharing this video with your students! The MUVE show with Tiny Tadani, was a wonderful project because it shared various dancers and dancing styles with the community. With so many lovely creative dancing individuals, we were able to demonstrate how eclectic the Hawaii Dancing Community is.