10 Principles Method

Low impact cardio exercises for home and office – Simple dance routines to get in shape at computer.

(La Musica) Concepts: MOTIONS. Office MUVE Dance-Along for quick stress relief for body and mind. Refresh and be more productive after shaking off your worries and loosening you body in a free and spontaneous dance exercise with Maggie and Rachel. Office MUVE is a series of dances recorded in a small office space. Rachel and Maggie take turns creating improvised dance moves inspired by the MOTIONS (MUVE Concept Cue Cards.) As always, we follow only "loosely." Because the moves are being created on the fly, there is no way to closely replicate them - and that's not what we are intending. The two Muses in this dance want to entice you to "get moving" in your own style, catch the idea and explore and enjoy