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Mellow Office Dance Exercise (On the Fly)

Office MUVE with Rachel & Maggie. Here's a mellow rhythm, great for getting started on easy dance moves right in front of your computer. These moves are simple and quick ways to reduce stress, energize, and build fitness. From here you'll find how easy it is to build up to full dancing workouts. Whatever your level of fitness, you can start your workouts at your desk right here. Get your workmates up with you, and consider starting an employees fitness program, its free to all, with all you need right here. Everyone will benefit in staying motivated to exercise and in having an easy means of stress and anxiety relief. At work or at home, this can start everyone's workout routine with quick and easy exercises. Wellness at work is in everyone's reach, with this simple dance, so go ahead, get up and MUVE. Your body will thank you . . .

One Response to “Mellow Office Dance Exercise (On the Fly)”

  1. Akira Noguchi says:

    Hi Maggie san,

    That’s good !! I will share this excercise in office !!

    Best regards,