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MUVE Dancing and singing with children – Rock and roll exercise dance

LIVE MUVE dance-along Show 03/07/11. Today's guest Kai and Noa love to sing and dance. After a MUVE along dance to the song "Menehune Beach Bum Boggie", Kai is first up to sing along to a rock and roll song he recorded. Noa also brought a creative project to share with the audience. She sings along to a video recording she made featuring a popular Japanese character called "Driman." Tiny Tadani is impressed and interviews the siblings on how they got their training. The MUVE Show airs every Monday and aims to bring physical activity to television audiences at home. Everyone can do the simple dance moves, and get a quick and easy workout right in front of their television or computer. You can MUVE, no matter your age or shape, because you can stay at your own pace and adjusts your movements to feel good. If you want to see more dancing videos, check out https://muve.org/blog/ The MUVE Along Dance Exercise Show airs in Honolulu, Hawaii every Monday at 8 AM on Television Channel OC16 and is streaming live on the internet at www.oc16.tv. Each week Maggie brings new guests to inspire the audience to join in for some easy cardio exercises in their living room.