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Dancing for exercise with the kids – Allen (4) and Rachel visit the MUVE-along Show

LIVE MUVE dance-along Show 02/21/11 (abridged). There is no school on President's Day, and that's why we get to dance exercise with little Allen (4) and Rachel today. Both love to MUVE and have no problem leading as a Muse. Maggie sets up a "Muse-Triangle" on the floor with stickers, and off they go. The person on the spot in the front creates the easy movement idea and the others follow "loosely." As always, you are invited to get a simple dance workout with us, right now, right here. A Muse-Triangle lies at the base of most MUVE Dancing Games (MDG.) These dancing games can be played with 2 or 22+ dancers. They make a fun physical activity for any party. MDGs can provide a quick break in between academic study periods right in the classroom! Anyone can do it, no matter the age or shape they are in, because all adjusts their movements to they own liking. If you want to see a whole school class dancing a MDG, check out https://muve.org/blog/school-muve You can download the instructions to this and other MGDs from the muve.com website for FREE! The first song is called "Banana Phone" by musical artist Rafi. Then we are groovin' to a Stevie Wonder song. Go ahead and do it! It is so much fun, just give it a try!