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Easy Zumba and Tahitian Dance MUVES on TinyTV-02/14/11

MUVE is not a particular dance form, but rather a method to experience any type of dance in a simplified way. Specific choreography is relaxed to the point where following “on the fly” becomes possible. We want to inspire the audience at home to get up and join in with our dance improvisation exercises. • Today’s guest is Brandy Lokelani Sinoto. She is introducing easy dance steps from the Latin and Polynesian dances she teaches here in Hawaii. Brandy demonstrates 3 “Tahities” or side-to-side hip-thrusts. Then we learn a basic flamenco step. Flamenco is one of the Zumba dances together with Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue and Reggaeton. Next Tiny picks the song “September” by Earth Wind and Fire, for Maggie and Brandy to incorporate the newly learned Flamenco and Tahitian dance steps with the Basic MUVES of the MUVE Method. This dance improvisation turns into an aerobic dance workout as they pick up the pace. A caller wants to know about available dance workout DVDs. The Mellow MUVE is an exercise DVD for seniors and anyone who prefers a slower pace, while the Family MUVE DVD is filled with cardio workout videos for all in the family. The show ends with spontaneous, wild and crazy dance grooves. As always, please enjoy this dance improvisation and follow along on the spot. Yes, I’m talking to you ☺

One Response to “Easy Zumba and Tahitian Dance MUVES on TinyTV-02/14/11”

  1. Ka'imi says:

    So much fun!!!! I’m glad I can get inspired by these moves, but don’t have the pressure of doing it “right” –because it’s Muve, anything goes! & plus, nobody’s watching me cause I’m at home! You’re a genious, Maggie.