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NEW Group Dance Exercise Game – Navigate in a Joyful Motion Dance

(Pom Poms) This spontaneous dancing game teaches how to navigate though the space created by three people. As the teams weave in and around each other, each dancers has to physically negotiate and time his movement to not collide, to get his turn and to create openings for others. This is about confidently claiming ones own space as well as to look out for and provide opportunities for others. This MUVE Dancing Game is called "WEAVING" and is easy to set up. At minimum you want to put down one sticker for each 3-people team because this will give you the opportunity to call a "MIX-UP" to create new combinations of players. In MUVE we always dance with everyone and like to "mix-it-up." In this particular game we go from one weaving team right into the next one. You can also alternate between "independent Triangles" and "Weaving" (see instructions here https://muve.org/muve-dancing-games/