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Dance-along for office and work stress relief • Easy cardio workout at your desktop • Apple

Office MUVE with Rachel and Maggie. Song: Apple. Working at your computer for hours can be challenging for your body. Exercises to increase flexibility and loosen up stiff joints can be fun and easy when you dance along with Rachel and Maggie. Office MUVE spontaneous dance videos are simple dance routines you can do right at your desk. This exercise video is a low impact workout but still an aerobic exercise. It will get your juices moving, refreshing your body and your mind. Release tension in your neck and back and get some mental stress relief by doing easy cardio workouts and flexibility exercises from the Office MUVE dance along videos. Increase your productivity by stepping away from the job for a few minutes of easy cardio exercises. Enjoy this stress relieving dance video. Experience the whole Office MUVE series at muve.org.