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Party and Exercise Play for Grownups – Community group dancing game and family entertainment

Me Pregunto • MUVE is always spontaneous; a dance action never to be repeated in the same way again, always new and unpredictable. There is nothing that needs to be remembered but the flow and beat of the music. MUVE is a mind relaxing, fun activity for physical release and rejuvenation. And anyone can do this joyful dance. MUVE dancing is a social event. It's not a competition to be better, but to inspire each other. We have permission to move simply and enjoy harmony of music and body. Exercise is a side effect, because the music rouses our energies. Movement means muscles working. Music animates your body-parts. End result is a physical dance workout that feels like play. If you are comfortable in your body, you can experience a state of bliss. If you are not used to dancing you might feel stiff and inhibited at first. Try dancing along with easy basic MUVES (see https://muve.org/method.html for MUVE dancing instructions.) and see how easy dancing can be. It's really great fun for everyone. MUVE can be great dance exercises for elderly people, middle-aged people, teenagers, schoolchildren and little kids. Everyone can groove to the music in their own way. We learn movements from each other on the fly. A lead dancer in MUVE is called a "Muse." In this dance improvisation video, the dancers have created 3 individual Triangles. Each Triangle has one "Muse-spot" and two "following spots." As they rotate clockwise, another player gets to lead the spontaneous dance. The Muse demonstrates her/his MUVES while the others follow loosely. As you follow, you are encouraged to explore your own spin on the MUVES presented by the Muse. There is never a need to be perfectly in sync because we don't worry about how it looks to the bystander, but only how it feels to the dancers. You are free to create your own MUVES anytime during the dance. Check out the MUVE Video Blog https://muve.org/blog/ and dance along for free any time of the day! Song: Me Pregunto by Julietta Venegas