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Physical Activity for Teenagers – Dance Games for Kids and Teens LMFAO

(Sexy and I know it) Dance exercise in MUVE dance work shop at Winners' Camp. Use the MUVE Dancing Games as teenage party activities at home or in school, to give students the opportunity to playfully exercise, explore creatively, and build community. This MUVE Dancing Game is called a "Revolution" Game because at each "Call" every player moves to a new spot on a dancing-grid marked on the floor. There is an Outer and an Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is called the Muse-Circle, because it's dancers lead the whole group as they reach the "Center-Muse-Spot." Revolution Dancing Games require attention and cooperation. MUVE Dancing Games are also great school exercises for kids and teens. You can MUVE in between subjects to refresh body and mind, or implement the MUVE School Curriculum, a comprehensive school physical activity program (CSPAP.) You can find the various MUVE Dancing Game Instructions and the MUVE School Curriculum at www.muve.com.

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    wow it is very funny and very wonderful types of the videos games. Dance is the physical sort of the games and activity for the children.