10 Principles Method

School Dancing Games foster Physical Activity and Creativity

This video shows a large group of 3rd grade students engaged in a MUVE Dancing Game. All students are new to MUVE. At the start of the session they learned to danced along to several dances lead by Maggie and some of their more outgoing class mates. Now it is time to lead each other in independent triangles. Each little group has 3 dancers. Everyone gets to be the lead dancer (Muse) for their triangle. The student/Muse decides how long to stay on as the lead dancer. When ready he/she claps hands and initiates the little group to turn clockwise to the next marker, and a new student/Muse takes over the lead. This game is physically engaging, a real aerobic dance workout, and no one is left behind. It's like putting your whole class on automatic pilot. The teacher doesn't even have to instruct or dance along. Aside from the physical activity students learn to experiment creatively, inventing movements on the fly. There is also an aspect of social skill development in a MUVE Dancing Game. Students dance with different classmates each time. Children who might not normally "hang out" together now have a chance to connect in dance. MUVE Dancing Games are exercise routines for kids and stress relief activities for kids.Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. The physical, mental and social benefits of regular physical activity for youth are well documented. Along with physical education classes, students need physical activity opportunities throughout the school day. MUVE Dancing Games (MGDs) provide inspiration and motivations to students of all ages and physical shapes. MUVE dancing is a physical activity opportunity that meets the needs and abilities of most students, including children with disabilities and those who are overweight. MUVE dancing energizes large groups physically and creatively. It activates in a non-competitive way. The focus is on releasing physical inhibitions and sharing ones creative movement ideas with others. Find out more about MUVE Dancing Games at www.muve.com