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Soul Motion a Conscious Dance Practice with Rea Fox

LIVE MUVE Show 06/20/11 (abridged). Rea Fox is in the studio to introduce her style of dance called SOUL MOTION to the TV audience at home. Soul Motion conscious dance practice is an odyssey of creative expression, human relating and divine dialogue... a spontaneous dance experience that assists individuals in claiming a clear vision of the Higher Self, and the power to live it daily, to dance with life! "Soul Motion encourages seeing with the mystic's heart and eyes - a way of penetrating to the invisible core of the things; stillness in motion, motion in stillness; the silent song. " -Vinn Marti, Creator of Soul Motion. Soul Motion is a spontaneous creative dance happening that assists individuals in claiming a vision of a higher self and the power to live a meaningful life. - It is an expressive art form that awakens the creative sprit that resides within. - It offers points of view that enable participants to anchor, acknowledge, and act during the commotion of a life lived with enthusiasm. - It summons us to embrace the passion and play of our every day dance as it encourages re-arranging what is familiar and standing centered at the edge of all experiences. - It asks that we reclaim our birthright to living a life fully expressive and completely engaged in liberation transformation. - It suggest that the body and soul in motion can provide a map to the release from everyday stress, an avenue to walk and reflect on “what is,” and clear guidance to express the longing of the soul, which is a direct line to the natural way. Rea Fox is a certified Soul Motion dance facilitator and professional singer. You can contact her by emailing info@muve.com