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Spontaneous Dance Exercise with Easy NIA Moves – Non Impact Aerobic Dancing

MUVE-along Show 05/28/11 (abridged). Today's guest Renee Tillotson is the director of the new Still and Moving Center in Honolulu. She has come to teach us some basic NIA moves. NIA stands for non-impact aerobics and is a cardio workout without the joint impact. It's about feeling good in our body as we connect to music, our inspiration. NIA combines the martial arts, the healing arts and also the dance arts. NIA dancing gives us the opportunity to be more aware of our bodies and is danced barefoot to music. There is structure as well as freedom. A NIA teacher will preset a basic choreography and then say "move in your body's way." "You can't do it wrong" Renee says. That's a MUVE Principle right there ;-). Now it's time to MUVE with Renee to a relaxed choreography. All body parts are engaged. Anyone can follow easily. We want to inspire the audience (you) to get up and dance along in front of their television (your computer). Staying motivated to exercise is easy when you are having so much fun. Anyone can do this joyful dance. These moves are great dance exercises for elderly people, middle-aged people, teenagers, school and little kids. Everyone can MUVE at their own pace. Check out the MUVE Video Blog https://muve.org/blog/ and dance along for free any time of the day!