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Staying Motivated to Exercise with Music & MUVE – Easy Dance Workout for Adults, Seniors and Elderly

(Pi'i Mai Kanalu) MUVE can help you get up and moving at home, either with a DVD or with our free video workouts online like this You Tube video right here. It's high definition and you can run it full screen. All it takes is for you to get up and move with us to the music. We move spontaneously, enjoying every beat of the music with our body. No specific goal needs to be reached. Everyone moves to their own delight in MUVE. That means that while you are exploring the ideas you see on screen you can shape the movement to your own needs. If you want a more intense workout, you can put more energy into your moves. And likewise you can always make your movements smaller or slower. That's the beauty of MUVE, and one of the reasons all generations can dance together with MUVE. So go ahead and invite your family to join in!