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High School Musical • Spontaneous Dancing Workouts for Teenagers

www.muve.com A Group Dancing Game at a Winners' Camp staff workshop, 8/2010. This spontaneous dance video demonstrates how much fun a large group of people can have with a stack of paper plates. Toys are often used in MUVE Dancing Games (MDGs) to ignite creative play. Having two plates in your hands shifts the focus from thinking to playing. This super lively improvised dance is an "independent TRIANGLES Dancing Game." All players have formed groups of three, and each triangle has it's own "Muse," as we call the lead dancer in MUVE. Independent means that the inspiration comes from within the each triangle, and not from a singular, central Muse-spot, which is common in many MUVE dances. All triangles are continuously rotating, and everyone gets to be the lead-dancer (Muse) for as long as they choose to. Being a dance leader to just two other dancers is less intimidating for the novice. All dancers in this games are new to MUVE, which proves the point that you do not need to be prepared to do a MUVE-dance, just willing to let loose and have fun with your friends at home, in school or anywhere you can find a dance floor. MGDs are great disco party games, a wonderful way to connect with friends and loved ones in an easy cardio workout that is full of fun, excitement, creativity and community. Download the FREE instructions to this and other MUVE Dancing Games at www.muve.com.