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Dance Exercise at your Television – low impact cardio exercises on the fly! Teletubby

01/24/11 MUVE Dance-along Show, abridged. Show airs every Monday morning at 8am Hawaiian time and can be watched all over the globe streaming LIVE at www.oc16.tv. Today Maggie brought her good friend Kaimi to help her inspire the television audience to join in some easy exercise at home. Dancing relaxes the mind and gets all juices flowing. We don't need to know exactly which step to take. MUVE is always improvised and easy. It can be a low impact workout or a high-energy aerobic dance workout; it's all up to you! Get motivated to workout at home - dance like nobody is watching! Maggie explains the concept of the "Muse" as an inspiration to dance and feel good. Kaimi and Maggie do a LIVE-Dance-Along and get a sweet call from a viewer.