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Under The Weather

MUVE in your bed! Happily in the 21st Century we get to express emotions and do unusual stuff like rolling around in bed. It's a heavenly place to release physical tensions in your body and work on your flexibility. As you enjoy gentle movements you can relax your mind and give yourself some stress relief, all in the privacy of your own bed. Dancing on your back feels more than awesome - so don't just watch, go ahead and dance exercise right in your bed. You can explore moves for hip flexibility, loosen and align your spine and give your core stomach muscles a nice workout.

2 Responses to “Under The Weather”

  1. Irene says:

    Hi Maggie:
    I didn’t have any message or map of how to get to your place for Sunday. So, I thought I’d give you this message. Love your website!

  2. Hi, little sister,

    can’t wait to have you back in Good Old Germany again soon!
    This is a very special and attractive muve video.