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Dance Exercise Waka Waka and Bollywood MUVE along with Brandy

www.muve.com. LIVE MUVE Show 02/28/11 (abridged). Brandy is back with new Zumba MUVES for us to "muvefy" and dance along to on the fly. The MUVE concept makes it possible for anyone to get some nice and easy dance exercise while dancing along to our spontaneous dance improvisation. Loosen up and rattle your bones. Brandy brings high energy aerobic dancing to us this morning. As a Zumba instructor she has a wide variety of dance moves she can teach, from belly dancing to Salsa, Cumbia and other Latin dance styles. Stay at a pace that feels great to you and enjoy! First dance "Waka Waka" by Shakira has been a favorite on YouTube. She recorded it for the recent Soccer World Championship Games in Africa. Second dance style is Bollywood - great dance moves with a lot of hip action, perfect hip flexibility exercises. Dance exercise at home right at your computer, it will refresh your mind do your body good! MUVE dance is always improvised. It's a fun way to exercise for kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. We want to show you very simple moves you can use on any dance floor, at home or at any party or cub. You won't even notice that you are doing cardio exercises. To see more dance instruction videos check out https://muve.org/blog/