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WaveWorks shamanic dance form supports health, creativity and neurological growth

MUVE Dance Along Show 08/01/11 (abridged). Eva Geueke is in the studio to introduce her dance called WaveWorks to the TV audience at home. As always we invite you to have fun and dance along with us. WaveWorks (Continuous-Motion) is a rich shamanic dance form that follows the bodies wisdom and uses sound breath and wave like movement to tap into the ancient memory of our cells. This work originates from Continnum that was developed by Emily Conrad by using breath, sound and wavelike movements we undertake subtle and dynamic excursions into known and unknown waters inside our own world. This stimulates neurological growth and supports health and creativity. Eva Geueke is a dancer, Feldenkrais practitioner®, capoeirista and choreographer. She received her education from the Rotterdam's Dansacademie, Holland. In NYC she studied intensively at the Cunningham School, with the Trisha Brown Co. and some of the best movers and dancers of the Post Modern dance scene. Eva danced with Stephen Petronio and D. Zambrano and created work with C. Dennis, K. Koegel, F. Faust and Lisa Schmidt.