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We Got The Party- Multiple Triangle Dancing Game

Three groups of 3 dancers demonstrate at the Senior Expo 2010, how a simple set-up with markers on the ground can animate any group of willing participants. NO practice or rehearsals are necessary because a MUVE dance is always spontaneously created. This is an easy way to get motivated to get in shape at home with your own family. Try it out with your kids. They can use the exercise as a break from their many hours of sedentary fun at computer games and television. And you can probably use some invigorating movements too. Chances are you don’t give yourself enough time to play. Dancing games relax your mind and invigorate your body – they are a healthy physical activity that doesn’t cost you a penny. As you can see 4 and 84 years olds can play this dancing game together. Play it with your guest at your next party!